Periodontics in Las Vegas

Periodontics is the treatment and maintenance of your gums and bones within your mouth.

One of the most common periodontics is Gingivitis, otherwise known as gum disease. The symptoms will typically include swelling of the gums, bleeding during or shortly after brushing, and discolored gums. This disease is treatable by going to your dental hygienist. They will use anti-bacterial rinses to wash your mouth out and help cure the disease.

If Gingivitis is not properly treated, it will eventually lead to periodontitis. There are several other factors that will usually contribute to this disease, but untreated Gingivitis will definitely escalate the risk. Periodontitis has very similar symptoms to gingivitis, such as a metallic taste in the mouth, receding gums, growing gaps that form between the gums and the teeth, bad breathe, and even loose teeth that could potentially fall out of the mouth.

In order to fully get rid of this nasty disease, we work to remove the buildup of plaque through scraping and sonic vibrations that will dislodge it. Antibiotic solution is also applied between the teeth and the gums in your mouth through the use of soft pads. There is literally no pain that is involved, so there is no need to be afraid of this procedure.