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Melinda Galligan

Office Manager

Melinda Galligan has spent most of her life in Hawaii. She began her dental career as a dental assistant and eventually transitioned to the front office. Now, her over 15 years of dental experience allows her to care for patients in a manner that goes above and beyond. Melinda’s desire to help educate patients and contribute to their dental health is the driving factor in her role in the front office. Melinda has special training in insurance, financing, implants, and much more, and she uses this knowledge to excel in her role.  When she is not working, Melinda enjoys spending time with her husband, Chris, her two sons, her beautiful granddaughter, and her other extended family here in Las Vegas. Melinda wishes to encourage you to come and meet her at Bestcare Dental, where she will put forth every effort to ensure you leave Bestcare Dental knowing that you have had the best service and dental experience possible.


Tanaye Benbo

Registered Dental Hygienist

Tanaye Benbo was born in Fort Riley, KS, but she grew up here in Las Vegas. Her passion for dentistry began in early childhood, and lead her to pursue her dream of becoming a dental hygienist after graduating from high school. She attended the College of Southern Nevada, where she received her degree in Dental Hygiene. She is currently pursuing a higher degree in dental hygiene education to expand both her general knowledge and her ability to guide patients in optimizing their oral health. Aside from Dental hygiene, Tanaye enjoys planting and gardening, hiking a variety of trails, attending car shows (Tanaye loves classic cars!), going to the gym, and above all, spending time with her family and friends.  As a dental hygienist, Tanaye puts utmost value on her patients’ oral health, and she is completely dedicated to providing the highest standard of care concerning each patient’s individual needs.

Erica Calva

Dental Assistant

Erica Calva moved to Las Vegas at a young age and has lived here ever since. She is fluent in both English and Spanish.  She graduated high school with an Honors Diploma and went on to earn her associates degree in Science and General Studies at the College of Southern Nevada. She is now working towards her Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition Sciences at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in order to become a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, dancing, and snowboarding, and she never passes up on the opportunity to learn something new. As a dental assistant, Erica has perfected the skill of ensuring that every patient is comfortable in the Bestcare Dental office. She knows that going to the dentist is not always first on patients’ lists of favorite activities! She enjoys interacting with all of our patients and contributing to their high quality of care.

Destinee Magee

Dental Assistant

Although she was born in California, Destinee grew up in Las Vegas, and she loves this city and all that it has to offer. Destinee has been interested in the dental field ever since getting braces at the age of 9.  She graduated from Northwest Career College in 2014, and has been a dental assistant ever since (with a slight break to have her first baby!). She loves her career, and strives to ensure all of our patients leave Bestcare Dental with smiles on their faces. In her free time, Destinee enjoys hiking, swimming, and dancing. She spends as much time as she can with her beautiful daughter and family.




From the moment you walk through our doors, you become part of the Bestcare Dental family.  Our friendly team makes your comfort a top priority.


Decades of combined education and experience allows the Bestcare Dental team to provide you with peace of mind knowing all training, skillsets, and certfications are current and ongoing.


Our team understands that the comfort level of being at the dentist for each patient varies.  Bestcare Dental recognizes the need to spend extra quality time with the patients that require an extra piece of compassion.


Bestcare Dental is constantly finding new methods and technologies to implement into the practice,  that will make every appointment more effective and efficient.

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