Endodontics and Root Canals in Las Vegas

Previously, teeth that had a diseased nerve would have to be removed. However, through technological advances in the dental industry, we are able to perform a root canal to spare the tooth. This is a very simple procedure that involves very little pain, if any at all.

In the center of each tooth is something that is known as the “dental pulp.” This is the substance that gives a tooth nerves, nutrients, blood vessels, and connective tissue into the roots. If this becomes diseased the pulp will die, which will cut off the tooth’s supply of nutrients and nerve signals that keep the tooth healthy. If untreated, the tooth will become infected and will rot, forcing the tooth to have to be removed.

With a root canal, extraction is not necessary. Instead, a dentist will remove the dying pulp, clean the remaining canal, and seal it up. The pulp chamber will be filled afterwards to keep the tooth strong, and the dentist will put in a temporary filling. This will eventually be replaced with a permanent filling.