Happy October 1st!

For those that celebrate in the festivities, it is officially Halloween month.  Did you know that during the month of October, Americans purchase more than 600 million pounds of candy just for Halloween?!  Think about what that means to all those teeth!

We aren’t saying to completely avoid eating any candy – we have been known to indulge a little ourselves.  We are requesting that you use moderation when it comes to candy consumption for both you and your loved ones.  That last thing you need or want is to call the dentist on November 1st, because you or your loved one broke a tooth OR come see us a few months later due to cavities.

If you are going to indulge, make sure you floss immediately (or as soon as you can) and don’t forget to brush and rinse thoroughly prior to going to bed.  As with all dental treatment, prevention is the best medicine!

Ok for Your Teeth


Dark Chocolate

Sugarless Candy/Gum

Not So Much

Hard Candy (can ship or break teeth)

Gummy Candy (gets stuck in between teeth)

Sour Candy (extremely acidic)



Candy Corn (sorry!)



Popcorn Balls



  • Picture Source: Reader’s Digest