Dental Implants in Las Vegas


Top reasons to love Implants

1. An implant has the same strong chewing forces as that of a natural tooth.

The strength of chewing with a denture accounts for only 1/20 of natural teeth. In contrast, the implant has the same strength of chewing as a natural tooth. Therefore, with an implant, you can chew hard food well.

2. Economical and semi-permanent durability.

Implants can be used for as long as 10-30 years depending on the care.

3. Feels like a natural tooth.

Implant has excellent esthetic function, since it looks and feels like a natural tooth.

4. Protection of adjacent teeth.

With a bridge, your healthy adjacent teeth will be affected. An implant is placed only in the gap where the lost tooth was located; however, adjacent teeth are not damaged.

5. Relief from the discomfort of wearing dentures.

You can be relieved from the periodontal pain, discomfort, and bad breath that are related to wearing dentures.

6. As comfortable as a natural tooth.

An implant is permanent, since it is attached to the alveolar bone like a natural tooth.

7. No chance of a cavity.

There is no chance of the implant developing cavities because it is an artificial tooth.

8. Maintenance of healthy jawbone.

If you wear dentures for a long time, your jawbone can deteriorate. In contrast, implant placement makes the bone strong and prevents it from being absorbed by the body.

9. Chewing remains an enjoyable experience.

With an implant, you can feel the temperature and texture of foods.

10. Increased stability in the full denture.

In the case of a full denture, it can be fixed firmly after the implant is placed; hence the absence of movement in the mouth.